My Pictures

USA 1992 to 1998 :

New York :

images/camion de pompier a NY.jpg

"Calèche" In Central Park Fire Truck in a Street Central Park Man Sleeping Central Park Reservoir

Ophelie's room with Marc

Philip & Thomas On Carnegie Roof


France 1998 to ... :

Techno Parade in Paris October 1999 :

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Miscellaneous :

My gf near the Seine river

Famous Paris Booksellers

Our Kitty Cat Our Kitty Cat
Ivors (small town near Paris) Ivors Ivors Pluto, my girlfriend's family dog
Soulac Beach (Atlantic Ocean) Still Soulac taken after a Carting Race with my teammate

Me & Our Cat


Austria Vienna April 1999 :

My Gf in Wolswgarten

Night Club

The Parlamiant  Parlamiant Statue
Votiv Kirsche Votiv Kirsche